11 January 2012

Purchasing Engagement Wedding Rings

Proposing to your loved one with an engagement wedding ring in your hand can turn a no into yes. So before popping the question, make sure you have the required accessory to embellish your precious moment.

With so many brands in the market, to choose a perfect ring for your beloved becomes a very difficult task. If this is your first time then you probably won�t have any idea where to go- should you go for diamonds or gold or white gold or a plain silver ring?

The deciding factor should be or rather has to be your pocket. Make sure you do not hurt your pocket badly while making the purchase. If you are clean in this department then you should blindly go for a diamond engagement ring. But diamond rings come in plentiful variety. Some of them are:

Solitaire ring:

One of the most elegant looking engagement wedding rings, a solitaire ring can leave your partner dumb-struck. The solitaires, which are used in these rings, are huge diamonds which are placed on the top of the ring band. The diamond is held with 4 or 6 clasps which add to the beauty of the ring. You can get the solitaires in yellow gold, white gold or silver. The diamonds used are based on the 4C rule of Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity.

The Three stone ring:

A very popular design, the three stone rings contains a bigger diamond in the centre with the two equal sized diamonds on either side. Gorgeous diamonds, with the sophisticated look, these rings are one of the favorites of almost every woman on earth.

Bridal engagement ring sets:

If you are smart enough, then you will definitely opt for bridal engagement ring sets. These come with a matching wedding band which eventually you will need to buy. So why not make a smart choice and make your pocket happy as well.

Solitaires with Side Accents:

A very classy design, these are loved by most of the women. In these rings, one bigger diamond is placed in the centre with all small diamonds surrounding the central one. This gives the ring a royal look, a look that is yearend by every woman.

Engagement wedding rings were found in some 12th century by Pope Innocent III when he used a ring to demarcate the engaged couples from the non-engaged ones. Since then the practice has become widely popular with slight variations of course.

A ring on a woman�s finger is the sign of her acceptance of your love. The ring shows that yes she is ready to marry you. Thus, the engagement wedding rings demand a wise decision as these will be treasured for life.