10 January 2012

If the wedding is indoors does the wedding dress have the match the season

If the wedding is indoors, does the wedding dress have the match the season?
In short, definitely not. But the colors of the wedding�s theme need to match the season. According to eHow.com, �Select a wedding color or theme. Try to match colors to the season. For example, a fall wedding might have browns, oranges and reds to match the fall colors outside. A spring wedding might have pastel pinks, purples and limes to match the flowers that are blooming outdoors.�
Also, �Use the color for the basis of your bridesmaid dress selection. Many stores, such as David's Bridal, carry several dozen options of dress styles in each available color. Additionally, each color has several varying shades to choose from as well.�
This color coordination also needs to happen with bridesmaids and groomsmen. �Match the color of the bridesmaid dresses to one item on the groomsman's suits. For example, if you choose a purple dress for the bridesmaids, add a purple flower to the groomsman's boutonniere. Or, you could take a bridesmaid's dress with you to the men's store to use it as a basis for the selection of the groomsman's ties or vests. Many stores, such as David's Bridal, carry men's suits and tuxedos as well in colors that complement or match the women's dresses. This option makes matching much easier.�
According to wedding.theknot.com, �The type of bouquet you choose is really a matter of personal preference -- the flowers should complement your wedding style rather than your gown. Brides in opulent ball gowns often opt for a small bunch of calla lilies and brides in silk sheaths sometimes carry cascades of orchids. It all depends on the overall look you're going for, and should reflect your individual style and sensibility. To get a better idea of what your options are, check out our bouquet gallery and browse bridal magazines for a look that catches your eye. Also, take along your planning notebook (including pictures of your gown, your bridesmaids' dresses, invitations, and any other major style elements) to your florist when ordering your flowers; she should be able to help you choose just the right bouquet to go with your dress and your day.�

The website weddings.weddingschannel.com adds, �The key to creating a stylish and successful wedding color combo is understanding the relationship between colors. Pick one general color first -- say, blue -- and then start thinking about shades and tints (aqua, robin's egg, navy) or other colors to accent it with. Make sure the colors you've chosen are harmonious (as in, complement each other on the color wheel), just as you would for the ones in your house. Try to stick to colors of the same intensity, such as lavender and baby blue rather than royal blue with light brown.�

As someone who has attended only one wedding in her life, I can say that none of this matters. Do what you want to do. If you want a red wedding dress on a hot summer day, do it. If your dress is designed for spring and your wedding is in fall season, buy it anyway. It is your special day. And no rules apply to making it more special.