05 January 2012

Article 5 In a Series of Articles on Your Pretty Princess Wedding on a Pauper’s Budget

Article 5 In a Series of Articles on Your Pretty Princess Wedding on a Pauper�s Budget


Flowers are another big expense for weddings.

If you are having your ceremony in a church, try to plan it near Christmas or Easter when the church itself already is decorated.

If that�s not an option, use only in-season flowers. Some times of the year peonies cost a fortune. At other times, you can fill the hall with them and not break your budget. Your florist will know when the two times are.

Be honest with your florist about your flower budget and take his advice on presenting the best array on a modest budget. He�ll know what flowers look nice but don�t cost a fortune. You can give him a budget, a color scheme, and �banned� flowers and let him plan the rest.

February is the most expensive month for wedding flowers. Not only are flowers not in season during this time, but you are also competiting with the Valentine�s day supply of flora.

The alter flowers will only be seen from far away so you can get away with using cheaper flowers up front.

Some people recommend that you should move the flowers from the ceremony to the reception hall to save money. But, this doesn�t always work. Talk to your florist, the church coordinator, and the reception venue to see if this is practical. Be prepared for one of the three to say it isn�t.

The absolute cheapest flowers are carnations. If you like them, you can use them more liberally than other kinds of flowers and still come in on budget.

Finally, you should think about arranging simple flowers yourself rather than spending a lot of money on a florist. If you have people who want a role in the wedding, this is a good job for them.

Photography & Videography

Short of having a friend take your pictures and video (which can be a good idea if you are on a really tight budget), there are ways to cut the expenses of the photographer.

First of all, you should know the standard contract calls for a certain amount of time. If your wedding runs long, there will be a surcharge which can be up to $250 an hour. So, if the minister is long winded or if you anticipate a bridesmaid won�t turn up on time, budget for overtime.

Next, figure out how much photography you want at the wedding and what can be done in a separate session.

Also, consider bunching shots together. Have all of the wedding party shots an hour before the wedding.

Finally, ask two or three friends to �shadow� the photographer with their digital cameras. Give each of them a different time slot. That way if they capture a great image, you won�t have to buy it from the photographer.