04 January 2012

Article 4 In a Series of Articles on Your Pretty Princess Wedding on a Pauper’s Budget

Article 4 In a Series of Articles on Your Pretty Princess Wedding on a Pauper�s Budget

Day And Time

Traditional weddings happen on Saturday evenings. But if you are not locked into that time slot, you can save yourself a bundle.

On weeknights, ceremony venues are often up to 50 percent cheaper.

And, having your ceremony earlier in the day can save you a significant amount in food and bar costs.

A morning wedding followed by brunch or lunch has a much lower overall food cost than a dinner would. Also, people will drink less at this time of day so your bar tab will be lower.

A 1:30 wedding followed by an English style High Tea can be quite elegant, very romantic, and also cheap. You can even take over a small tea house for your reception.


Just as the time slot for your wedding will have a big impact on the budget, so will where you have it. There are two components to most weddings � the ceremony and the reception.

One way to save money is to combine the two. If you want to have a reception at a particular hotel, plan to have the ceremony on the patio. If you are set on having a church wedding, see whether there is a social hall appropriate for decorating up for the reception.

Also, look for �all in one� facilities dedicated to weddings. Most cities have a venue such as this which have both chapel and wedding features.

Another option is to go back to your alma mater. Many colleges have beautiful chapels that are available for alumni to rent for a pittance. You can choose to hold the reception in a university venue or off campus.

If you don�t want an �all in one� setting, you can save money by looking at alternative venues as well.

For instance, the ceremony doesn�t have to be in a traditional wedding venue such as a church. A wedding at a beach or a park can be had for the price of a permit.

Receptions can be held in a number of places � not just hotels and country clubs. For instance, take over the back room of a restaurant and take advantage of the lower prices that it offers relative to hotel catering. You can even rent the whole restaurant as a private party for a fee.

Food & Drink

We�ve already touched on this subject in the past two sections, but there are additional ways to save money on food and drink.

First of all, compare the prices on buffets vs. seated dinners. Typically buffets are several dollars cheaper. If you are inviting guests with picky tastes (vegetarians, kosher but will eat fish, etc.) you can also provide a selection for these folks as part of the dining experience.

When you talk to the caterer about your food choices, tell them that you are working on a budget and ask for recommendations. Many times they know how to use seasonal foods to decrease the overall price. They also may be willing to decrease the price in an initial competitive bill if they know they aren�t assured of your business.

As far as the bar bill, consider going with the regular rather than the premium bar. These days, people understand that brides and grooms are on a budget and don�t expect the �best.�

And, if you are using a venue other than a hotel, don�t be afraid to dispense with the bar altogether and provide your own wine and beer rather than have the caterer handle this portion of the reception.