02 February 2011

Perfect Choice for a Garden-Style or Country Wedding

Perfect Choice for a Garden-Style or Country Wedding

A wedding bouquet is one of the accessories that will complement your gown and your smiling face as you march down the aisle on this most awaited moment of your life. It could be a plain and white bouquet or one that uses a combination of pastel colors. However, it is not enough that you pick just any type of fresh flowers for a wedding bouquet. It must be able to highlight your dress and add a magnificent touch to it. Plus, it must also complement the theme or style of your wedding. If you want a garden-style or country wedding but your allergies prevent you from enjoying the subtle scent of fresh flower, then you should consider a wild flower wedding bouquet on top of your list.

Wild flower wedding bouquet has become a popular choice for many couples nowadays. Its more natural look gives your wedding a comfortable feel while providing colors and scents which are pleasing to the senses. This will definitely look magnificent with your wedding dress and will offer a simple yet distinctive feel to your wedding's garden-style or country theme. Some of the known types of wild flowers that you can have for a bouquet are butterfly weed, thimbleweed, cornflowers, Canada lily, everlasting pea, tall bellflower, European Columbine, Carolina spring beauty, Queen Anne's lace, poppies, forget-me-not, Turk's cap lily, and Indian blanket. From these options, you can sure find one or even mix some of these to have a simple yet elegant-looking wild flower wedding bouquet.

If you are thinking as to where to get these types of wild flowers, you can begin your research online. A lot of websites now provide useful information for you to find the best options available. You can also check bridal magazines, books, and catalogues to get a better idea of what wild flowers to arrange for your wedding bouquet. But if your wedding plans are not due sooner, you can start growing a variety of wild flowers yourself and start by looking for a location where you can pick them together with a special member of your family like your mother or your sister.

After getting the wild flowers that you like, you can assign someone to do the task of growing the said flowers. This step would save you a lot of money since some couples spend a lot for wedding flowers alone. Plus, this will give you more chance to mix and match your wild flower wedding bouquet while you consider the factors like color scheme, bouquet style, and bouquet's size and shape.

A wild flower wedding bouquet would really make a nice addition to your country or garden-style wedding. Why stick to the ordinary fresh flower wedding bouquet if you can make your wedding more distinctive with this popular wild flower wedding bouquet option available? A step back from this commonly-used fresh flower bouquet will bring vivid colors to the celebration and accent your gown and the wedding theme as a whole.

So, if you have access to various wild flowers prior to your wedding date, start arranging a sample wild flower wedding bouquet to see firsthand the exact style and shade that you want to blend together. In case you are having difficulty coming up with a unique mix, you can always consult your local florist to aid you in your wild flower wedding bouquet decision-making process.