31 May 2008

Wedding Planning Schools

Many universities and colleges presently offer education related to event management, as part of the numerous associate degree programs. Wedding planning schools are thus the place to start a career for some thousands of bridal consultants all over the United States. At the moment, despite the fact that educational programs do exist, there is no regulation or requirement necessary for certification in this profession. Experience and training are nevertheless priceless under the circumstances, since without such elements to support your activity, clients will not be too numerous.

There are hundreds of programs advertised as wedding planning schools, but the selection of the right one could be as challenging as that of hiring a coordinator for a social event. How can one tell which service provider/school is reliable and which isn't? As it happens with lots of other learning instances, you can take classroom programs, online programs and home study programs, depending on personal needs and criteria. With the home study system, you will receive the materials through email, the online variant allows for individual study with access to an online instructor, while classroom programs ask for physical attendance.

As for the rates charged by wedding planning schools, they can vary from a few hundred dollars to some thousands of dollars in the case of associate degrees available with universities. If we are to pass a critical judgment on the learning level, more money does not guarantee access to a better education. The difference is that with a degree you have a valuable diploma that can open many doors. Maybe it is a good idea to talk to other people who have tried a certain wedding planning program, and then decide what to choose.

The course content is relevant for the ratings wedding planning schools receive. Competence in the industry matters most. Thus, you should learn about the basics of business administration, invoice management, advertising and even marketing. Web sites can provide very practical information on wedding planning schools and how they operate. It is also important to go for the educational institution that is closest to your home. Check with the Better Business Bureau to find out about the reliability of the institution that organizes the courses.

Graduate wedding planning schools are a lot more expensive, but the earnings are equally rewarded with revenues higher than $100,000 per year. You can do your apprenticeship with a professional planner that gives you time to learn and practice at the same time.