30 May 2008

Wedding Planning Reception

The wedding planning reception takes lots of time and great care because it requires a complexity of services. Before shopping around for locations, you need to choose a date and book the hall or the restaurant at least a year in advance. The budget also needs to be planned starting from the date, because the costs for the reception party depend on the season, the month and the time of the week.

In wedding planning, reception costs will be higher for Saturday parties than for Sunday events. Moreover, late spring, summer and early fall months are the most expensive to marry. Halls, restaurants and caterers are willing to grant discounts to people getting married in winter, with two exceptions: the end of December and Valentine's Day. Why not plan your wedding at the end of January and make considerable savings?

Setting the budget is also crucial for wedding planning. Reception parties add up costs not only for hall and catering but for decorations, flowers, cake, favors and videography. This means that in the light of more detailed analyses we can easily conclude that the reception party is your greatest expense, although not the only one. Do not order too much drink or food; good estimates are essential in order to stick to the budget. This is why you should know the exact number of guests you are expecting.

Many restaurants and halls charge by person. Get a round figure before you start negotiating for the hall, since you won't be able to estimate the rest of the expenses. Include a confirmation card with all the invitations, asking your guests to confirm their participation to the reception party and the religious ceremony, depending on the case. Then focus on the seatings, because you can further experience difficulties with this part of wedding planning.

Reception details should be put down in checklists so that you do not overlook important aspects. Go through each of them step by step, preferably with help from family and friends. You can discover the right location for your wedding reception by going to other weddings or by reading testimonials. Moreover, there is plenty of information to use from wedding magazines and directories available not only on the Internet but at newsstands too.

Don't forget about how important music is. The reception hall owner or manager could help you with some recommendations for bands. But you can also shop around, talk to friends and relatives and see whether they can give you some useful hints.