29 May 2008

Wedding Planning on a Budget

The Internet abounds in materials about how to deal with wedding planning on a budget, yet from case to case, the concept of financial limitations applies differently. Some people prefer traditional weddings, while others will try some unique form of event just for the sake of making it memorable. Expenses usually add up unexpectedly particularly when you aim at organizing something fanciful. Here are some guidelines to help you best define the idea of wedding planning on a budget before you actually commit to the task.

Lots of money are spent on locations. It is preferable to have both the religious ceremony and the wedding party organized in the same place, otherwise costs will be higher. People with a large enough backyard often consider the possibility of organizing the event locally without having to pay for rent or being tight on a certain date. If this idea is not suitable, check and see whether you can plan the whole event on a beach, in a garden or in some similar outdoor location.

The dress costs a lot particularly for themed events or when you want things done luxuriously. For wedding planning on a budget, a nice cocktail dress will do. You can also rent the wedding dress or have a nice simple gown made especially for the event. Remember that when you have a summer wedding, it is less complicated to cover all the details related to the outfit. Summer weddings can be considered cheaper if judging by overall criteria too.

Save lots of money on decorations. When you have the flower arrangements custom-made you will pay more than if you made them yourself. Why not ask a few friends or family members to help with the task? You will just have to order some fresh flowers from the local market and get them the day prior to the event. When the decorations are ready, spray them with fresh water and have them placed in a cool place. On the wedding day, they will look just as great on the party tables.

More savings tips are available for the invitations, the envelopes and the thank you notes. Wedding planning on a budget can be as special as you like, as long as you have lots of help with people skilled to do things for you. Invitations can be hand-made, printed right at home with quality equipment, particularly when you don't have more than 100 guests. Part of the menu can also be home-made, when organizing some traditional ethnic wedding party. And the list of suggestions can continue!