24 May 2008

Unique Wedding Planning

Choosing a more peculiar type of wedding leaves room to unique wedding planning but it all depends on personal preference for one kind of event or another. There are very popular themes to be chosen, that can afterwards guide you through coordinating the choice of flowers, decorations, favors, menus and dresses. A special place will have to be arranged for the ceremony and the party so that everything is suitably matched to the theme.

As strange as it may sound, animal wedding themes receive great appreciation among couples who aim at unique wedding planning. From horses, cats, dogs and birds to butterflies, dinosaurs and dolphins, there are many themes to choose from. Let us further exemplify with a butterfly wedding theme. The wedding celebration will get so much richer with multicolor flutter fantasies that will reflect optimism, joy and positive energy. The butterfly pattern will adorn the bride's wedding dress as well as the decorations in the party hall. It looks delicate and suggestive.

Other inspirational ideas for unique wedding planning are beach wedding themes. Getting married by the ocean with the sun or the moon reflecting in the water gives an unparalleled feeling to any romantic couple. Even with this kind of outdoor wedding you can improvise a lot, toying with numerous symbols and plenty of themes. Tropical environments, nautical elements, seashells, the music of the waves, the breeze and the sand will put a spell on you and your guests.

A celestial theme for unique wedding planning sounds great too when you think that your great day should be magic from all points of view. A beautiful moon and lots of stars fascinate the viewer, and many couples choose to unite in destiny under a starry night sky. Yellow moons, golden stars, twinkling lights against dark cloths can help you create the atmosphere of a great event. A wedding should make you touch the sky, why not literally put this impulse into practice, and get sky closer to you?

Cultural weddings makes one further example of unique wedding planning. There is usually a question of personal heritage and religious celebration that you want to insist on to better define the feeling of belonging to a community. Why not try it from one end to the other?

There will always be something special that you can count on to bring magic to an already blessed event. Do not be afraid to dream and make your dreams come true, and do not start from the premises that unique wedding planning needs a huge budget. You can do just fine with a small but well inspired event too.