23 May 2008

Starfish Wedding Invitation In A Bottle

Product: Starfish Wedding Invitation In A Bottle

Company: Hanson Ellis

Company URL: http://www.hansonellis.com/

Affiliate Network: Commission Junction

Sign-up URL:http://wwwlcj.com or http://www.hansonellis.com/weddingfavorsaffiliateprogram.shtml

Price: $3.69

Consumer: Brides, Grooms, Parents, Grandparents, Wedding Attendants and friends

The purpose of the Starfish Wedding Invitation In A Bottle is as a wedding invitation for a beach wedding.

Pros: There are those who believe a wedding starts when the bride and groom arrive at the altar. I beg to differ. The wedding actually begins when the wedding invitations are in the mail. A wedding is one of the most significant and life altering events in a person�s life, and inviting family and friends to come and witness this important step is certainly part of the event.

You want your wedding invitations to be memorable. The Starfish Wedding Invitation In A Bottle can certainly do that for you. The basic price is $3.69, but there are several additions that you can add. Each invitation is a clear glass bottle that is filled with fine coral sand, assorted miniature seashells, and adorned with a real starfish.

You can create your own message or you can choose from several pre-written messages.

Cons: I found the website to be a bit difficult to navigate. However, Hanson Ellis has a very good reputation for customer satisfaction and for customer service. I couldn�t find any cons associated with the Starfish Wedding Invitation In A Bottle or with the Hanson Ellis Company.

Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your purchase or it is not 100 percent free from defects, you may exchange the merchandise in its original packaging. Understandably, special orders, perishable products including soaps, candles, candy, tea & coffee bags, etc., personalized items (ribbons and confetti cards), and products that are made to order (engraved, printed, embossed, embroidered, hot stamped, etched) by HansonEllis.com cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Value for money: The Starfish Wedding Invitation In A Bottle really is beautiful and priced reasonably. It is a good value.

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