22 May 2008

Small Wedding Planning

Small wedding planning is a lot easier by the less tight social obligations that one has to take into consideration. The number of guests for a small wedding are not higher than 50 people, and they are usually close friends and family members. The atmosphere is more relaxed and nobody is that keen on the etiquette. Moreover, small wedding planning has the advantage of money savings that are not possible with too large events.

Spend money on the things that really matter, such as good videography, a nice dress, good food and drink. Moreover, when the planning is not very complex, it is easier for those people close to you to help with the organization in much more efficient ways. Statistics indicate that small wedding planning causes less stress and more joy for the couple, because there is more time to consult and analyze opinions than in the case of very ample parties.

Even so, the concept of small wedding planning is very relative, because what for some people means small, for others would be medium or large. What you can be certain of is that an event intended to be small from the very beginning, has higher chances of turning out as different from tradition or conventional customs. Hence, you'll see that the reactions to the plans you make will vary greatly, as will also happen with the event as such.

It is wise to remember that you cannot please everybody and that there are chances for some people to give you negative impressions. What matters most is that you and your would-be-spouse feel content with the decisions you make and the small wedding planning you have in mind. If friends and family members are supportive, you don't need anything more. Some people will feel left out in all likelihood, but it is important to make your purposes clear as well as your intentions.

Books and online guides can help you with small wedding planning, but not all the ideas you will find available can help you prepare for the big event. Make a careful selection or what is good and practical for your situation and move on. Don't get upset by grins or by discouraging statements that you won't get all those great gifts. The way you plan your wedding is your problem, and should represent you well. Therefore, do not worry about negative ratings, because this is not a competition.