05 May 2008

Credit for the Wedding

Credit for the Wedding

Many Couples faced with the problem of lack of money needed for weddings, to make the wedding such as beautiful as it was in dreams. Indeed, for the wedding will need to buy motherboard with all the accessories for the bride, groom suit to invite a wedding photographer and video, order a car, pay the full registration of marriage, to hold SWING, which will require products and extract, well, at the end you need to pay most expensive part of the wedding - a banquet at a restaurant with a toast-master and design. Well, quite a good idea to leave money on the honeymoon.

Many are ready to tackle the problem of money themselves.

In most cases, young�s earning is very little, of course, always exceptions: someone help parents immediately rise to the top rung career ladder, others their minds, sweat and blood have achieved a lot in his 20 a little. But, one way or another, for a beautiful wedding, you need to wait a year or two, sap money and has since then played the wedding to really remember for life! Really long wait for the wedding is not always possible because of many reasons: many simply do not want so much time to wait if they are the same at this time can not live together, then wait several years is even less realistic, others can not wait a long time, for example If already expecting replenishment in the near future. Some young parents can help, but often the expectations of parents from a wedding several children other than the bride and groom, so again have to find some additional funds for the same differences of opinion. So if a tie-knit feel like marriage, but little money is not enough to organize a wedding, what you want it, but do not take one, you can try to take consumer credit for the wedding.

Option number one is Traditional consumer credit, which you can spend on the wedding or something else.

Consumer loans are granted by many banks. Some of them have asked you to the documents confirming the purpose of your use of credits from others do not need it. In some banks, there is a mandatory rule of your surety; in such banks most common interest rate for the use of the loan will be slightly lower.

Most often the final percentage of consumer credit, which will need to pay the bank, consists of several parts.
* The very interest rate - most often from 11% a year or more (depending on the size of the remaining interest, as described below).
* Percentage for the conduct of credit (loan account) - are zero, but most often is for consumer loans 1-1.3% in the month of the balance of the principal debt this month.

There is a one-commission for some banks. Most often this commission for the issuance of the loan - usually equal to about 1%, but sometimes the commission is missing. Some banks also pay consideration of applications for credit. There are also annual payments unrelated to the bank. Most often, this life insurance, work, etc. It often is 0.5-1% a year from the required loan amount, depending on your health status and age. Incidentally, if you there are any health problems, the insurance company will send you to mandatory testing, to tell you the exact amount of insurance.
The term consumer loan often is for 1-3 years, while monthly payments would equal the entire period of credit.

Option number two is Special offers from banks at weddings.

A small number of banks have special rates for newlyweds. If you decide to provide documents to prove your intention to marry, you can get a loan. Typically, these loans and the rates a little lower and the period loan may be longer, and may allow for early payment immediately (Couples may choose to repay the loan from the money that they give guests). But, once again specify that such programs, despite the fact that there have recently many banks still do not enjoy the same popularity and prevalence of conventional consumer loans.