02 May 2008

Beach Wedding Planning

Beaches are one of the most romantic settings for a wedding. Whether organized on a tropical island or on a normal beach, the big day has all the chances of being memorable in the vicinity of the ocean. It's easy to get enthusiastic about beach wedding planning, because all the scenarios that come to mind picture relaxed white outfits, a nice breeze tousling the hair, the breath of the ocean playing the music and the gorgeous sun or moon light reflection in the water. What better can you ask for?

The practical side about beach wedding planning is that you can save lots of money. Nature provides enough beauty under the circumstances that you won't have to bother about decorations, hence, you can enjoy fewer expenses. Plus, you already have a theme for the ceremony and the reception party to rely on. Shells, messages in bottles, scrolled invitations can be successfully used to make the atmosphere even greater. Without following the traditional wedding guideline, beach wedding planning should be more relaxed and pleasant.

Another relevant aspect for beach wedding planning is the special permit you may need in order to organize the wedding. You can find out more by asking with the local authorities. In most states, small informal ceremonies and receptions do not require any special permit. It all depends on the number of guests. Plus, you can contact a professional organizer and see what discount packages are available for the occasion. Even the officiate that performs the wedding ceremony can include photography, bouquet and other services together with the marriage license.

Beach wedding planning should take into account weather changes. There are all sorts of nice outdoor canopies which you can decorate with flowers and mini-lights and they will protect your guests against both wind and rain showers. There should be enough seats and a small platform so that you have a dancing rink and plenty of comfort for everybody invited. The time of the year when you organize the beach wedding is important for weather stability.

As for wedding outfits, things are pretty much simple than with traditional weddings. The wedding dress should be simple and the hair style casual. These are other nice aspects of beach wedding planning because you don't have to set appointments with hair stylists and fancy dress makers. The truth is that with a beach wedding you have all the ingredients of a day to remember: romantic setting, a unique atmosphere and a theme.