15 January 2012

When Do I Send Out the invitations

When Do I Send Out the invitations

When do I send out the invitations? According to oncewed.com, �Traditionally, invitations go out six to eight weeks before the wedding. Start addressing the invitations 3 months before the wedding. If using a calligrapher, they might need 4 months prior.�

eHow.com seconds this advice, �For most weddings, the invitations should be mailed six to eight weeks before the big day. This allows time for the response cards to be returned, so you can make a final head count for the caterer and finish seating charts.�

Next, the website recommends, �When you invite people from out-of-town, send their invitations at least eight weeks in advance. They may need to make travel arrangements and/or take time off from work, so a longer notice is often required.�There was a particularly interesting rule mentioned on the site, �Even if you are cutting it close, there are no acceptable alternatives to mailing your wedding invitations. Good etiquette does not allow for invitations by email, phone or fax. Some of the invitations may be delivered by hand to very close members of the family and wedding party but only as a last resort.�

So, this all adds up to when you are meant to send invitations and prepare them. According to wedding.theknot.com, �Make your RSVP date two to three weeks before your wedding date -- this will allow enough time for you to get a final head count to the caterer (one week before) and to finalize your seating chart. If some guests still haven't responded by your deadline, give them a quick call and ask for their RSVPs (still via mail) so you have all their information.� And, �Your wedding website should be included on your save-the-date. A simple �AmandaandJon.com,� is all you really need. If you'd like (or if you don't have save-the-dates), you can include the web address in the formal invitations with an insert -- a small card that informs guests they can find more details online�

Not everything should be included in an invitation, though, �Including registry info on the wedding invitations or save-the-dates is still considered impolite because it can come off as though you're asking for gifts. Tell your wedding party, parents and close friends where you are registered, and let them fill guests in. Plus, most guests will know that all that extra information (that they didn't find on the invitation) is on your wedding website.�

And finally, �Address your invitations correctly -- to each guest by name, not �and guest� -- and guests should understand that the invite is meant for only those mentioned. If you find that some reply with their children's names added, give them a call and explain that you're having an adults-only wedding and that you hope they can still attend. If there are a lot of kids in your family, you may want to consider hiring or arranging for a babysitter. It's definitely not required, but it's a nice gesture. Just be sure to include this information on the wedding website.�
Good luck!

14 January 2012

What are the pros and cons of buying or renting the wedding dress

What are the pros and cons of buying or renting the wedding dress

What are the pros and cons of buying or renting the wedding dress?
It is really a personal choice to rent or buy the wedding dress. It depends on the person and how much money they have. You can want a dress and just not afford it. Renting is a good option. According to 100weddingtips.com, �Renting a wedding dress is easy and often money saving; if you have a small budget, renting your dress could save you money which could be better spent on your honeymoon. But be aware that with a rental dress you will be unable to make alterations.�
Remember, there is a method to this madness, �Find a wedding dress rental shop; often wedding dress shops where you can buy your dress have a few to rent as well. Alternatively, get recommendations from friends. Remember to start your shopping early as wedding dress rental shops will have fewer dresses to choose from - especially In the popular summer months.�
Of course, you can buy a dress instead of renting it, �Buying a dress as a comparison to renting is more expensive. If money is secondary to your need to have a beautiful once-in-a-lifetime dress that you can keep and treasure then buying the dress is the way to go. It could also become a family heirloom.�
There is also the option of designing your own dress. It does not have to be expensive and does not have to be lavish, �If you want a wedding dress that is more unique - why not have someone make a dress according to your own design. It's the perfect way to get exactly what you want. If you're on a tight budget, you could also consider sending your own dress design to an online shop to have it made up. Although, if buying online, you will have to be careful to order far in advance and also be prepared to make minor adjustments.�
According to tietheknot.co.za, �When you opt to buy a dress rather than rent one you have more options available to you. While there are places that will �Make to Rent� a dress for you, this is far more expensive than renting something off the rack. When you choose to buy your dress, you can either design it to your exact specifications from scratch and have it made for you, shop for your dream dress locally, or even shop online both nationally and internationally.�
�This seems like an obvious pro but there is something special about being able to haul out your wedding dress every now and then so you can reminisce about your special day. If you choose a classic design instead of a trendy design you might even find that your daughter would like to wear it on her own wedding day.�
And, �Taking photographs on your wedding day is a lot of fun, but there is always a bit of a time constraint because you need to get back to your guests. Today modern brides all over the world are opting for a second after-the-wedding photo shoot known as a �Trash the Dress� shoot. Basically you get to dress up in your wedding things and go and have fun. Go horse riding, so swimming in your wedding clothes, hop on a carousel � the options are endless. The point is that you get to wear your dress again and you get to have fun and you get some more fantastic photographs out of it.�

13 January 2012

Weddings On A Shoe String Budget

Weddings On A Shoe String Budget

Weddings On A Shoe String Budget

Weddings are a huge money making business these days. It�s become almost impossible to have the wedding of your dreams unless you�re from one of the wealthiest families in the world, a celebrity or royalty. Most ordinary people either have to save for a very long time or they have to take out a loan. However, even if you�re on the lower end of the financial totem pole, there�s a way to have a very nice wedding in an affordable fashion.
These could actually be called DIY weddings because you�ll be doing most of the work yourself. Start with the size of the wedding. You may want to limit the number of guests that you invite due to various other aspects of the wedding. Once you and your fiance agree on a number, stick to it. Too many people get caught up in the moment and spontaneously invite people. Just remember that this is a special day you�ll want to spend with those people that you feel closest to. It�s not a time to repay social obligations.
Decide on your location. This can be totally free if you happen to have a nice back yard or a home with enough space to hold the wedding. If you don�t have either of these things, personally, a relative or good friend may allow you to hold your wedding at their home. There are many community parks where you can gather to have the wedding itself and go to another location for the reception. Just look around to see what�s available.
Invitations can be made on your computer and printed out. The only thing you�ll need to pay for are paper, envelopes, printer ink, and postage. This is a lot simpler than it may seem, especially with the numerous choices in colored and textured paper that you can buy. You get to use your imagination and design your own invitations.
The reception can be as cheap as it needs to be. Many couples are now going the route of wedding cupcakes rather than an elaborate several tiered cake. In fact, you and friends can make these cupcakes yourself. There will be only a one layer cake needed as the topper and you can freeze this one to have on your first wedding anniversary. The cupcakes will be for everyone to eat and enjoy. If you want to have other things to eat, this is also something you and your friends can put together. Keep it simple with such things as finger sandwiches, salad, and anything that�s inexpensive, tasty and easy to put together.
Your dress may be one of your biggest expenses but it doesn�t have to break the bank. Look around in high end thrift stores and discount stores. Many times you can find an appropriate dress that you�ll love for just a fraction of the price of a brand new gown. Another option is to make your dress or have a talented friend make it. This is a cost saving but beautiful solution.
Flowers can be as simple as freshly cut ones from a garden. You can also buy pretty bouquets in grocery stores on the day of the wedding. They�ll look fresh and lovely.
As you can see, there are many ways to cut the costs of a lovely wedding. Once you get started, you�ll probably find more on your own.

12 January 2012

Traditionally does the bride pay for the bridesmaid dresses

Traditionally does the bride pay for the bridesmaid dresses

Traditionally, does the bride pay for the bridesmaid dresses?
No, traditionally, the bride does not pay for the bridesmaids� dresses. According to eHow.com, �In most situations, bridesmaids pay for their own dresses, including shoes and jewelry. The financial responsibility doesn't stop there; bridesmaids also help foot the bill for the bridal shower (although the maid of honor may assume most of the cost) and pitch in for the bachelorette festivities. Bridesmaids also pay for their own accommodation for out-of-town or destination weddings.�
But, the bride does pay for some things too, �Traditionally, the bride doesn't pay for the bridesmaids' dresses. However, brides sometimes pay for their attendants to have their hair and makeup done professionally on the day of the wedding. In some instances, brides may choose to pay for their bridesmaids' dresses entirely, or subsidize the cost. If you've chosen custom-made, designer or very expensive bridesmaid dresses for attendants, it's a thoughtful gesture to contribute to cost. Bridesmaids traveling from foreign countries where brides traditionally pay the cost of attendants' gowns may appreciate the bride stepping in to help pay some of the cost. Brides also pay for gifts like a bracelet or necklace to thank bridesmaids for their help.�
Part of this wedding planning process is to communicate, �The role of etiquette is to provide guidelines for potentially awkward social situations, not to enforce ironclad rules despite individual circumstances. If you've been asked to serve as a bridesmaid in a wedding but paying for a dress could jeopardize your finances, have a candid discussion with the bride. Explain that you'd love to support her throughout the wedding process, but that you can't afford to pay for a gown, shoes, jewelry and other bridesmaid-related costs that will undoubtedly crop up. She'll understand and appreciate your honesty, and may choose another bridesmaid or elect to help pay some of your expenses.�
And part of it is compromising, �Although bridesmaids typically pay for their bridesmaid dress, brides and attendants can work together to avoid breaking the bank. Brides may lay out certain requirements; for example: a floor-length black sleeveless bridesmaid dress. Bridesmaids may then shop around until they find a dress meeting both the requirements and their budget. Bridesmaids may also request to wear their own shoes and jewelry, provided it meets the guidelines for the bride's colors, theme and formality level.�
�When it comes to contemporary weddings, the bride and groom often pay for the affair themselves. However, there is a specific etiquette regarding who is supposed to pay for certain things. For example, the groom's family is supposed to foot the bill for the rehearsal dinner. Traditionally, the bride's family paid for the entire wedding reception. The bride also has quite a bit of her own expenses for her wedding.�
�The bride and groom traditionally exchange gifts right before the wedding, either via an attendant or left for one another. The bride is responsible for paying for the groom's gift.�
�Even though the bride and groom may pick out their wedding rings together, the bride should pay for the groom's wedding ring. The bride can either purchase the ring while with the groom or come back at a later time and purchase it.�

11 January 2012

Purchasing Engagement Wedding Rings

Purchasing Engagement Wedding Rings

Proposing to your loved one with an engagement wedding ring in your hand can turn a no into yes. So before popping the question, make sure you have the required accessory to embellish your precious moment.

With so many brands in the market, to choose a perfect ring for your beloved becomes a very difficult task. If this is your first time then you probably won�t have any idea where to go- should you go for diamonds or gold or white gold or a plain silver ring?

The deciding factor should be or rather has to be your pocket. Make sure you do not hurt your pocket badly while making the purchase. If you are clean in this department then you should blindly go for a diamond engagement ring. But diamond rings come in plentiful variety. Some of them are:

Solitaire ring:

One of the most elegant looking engagement wedding rings, a solitaire ring can leave your partner dumb-struck. The solitaires, which are used in these rings, are huge diamonds which are placed on the top of the ring band. The diamond is held with 4 or 6 clasps which add to the beauty of the ring. You can get the solitaires in yellow gold, white gold or silver. The diamonds used are based on the 4C rule of Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity.

The Three stone ring:

A very popular design, the three stone rings contains a bigger diamond in the centre with the two equal sized diamonds on either side. Gorgeous diamonds, with the sophisticated look, these rings are one of the favorites of almost every woman on earth.

Bridal engagement ring sets:

If you are smart enough, then you will definitely opt for bridal engagement ring sets. These come with a matching wedding band which eventually you will need to buy. So why not make a smart choice and make your pocket happy as well.

Solitaires with Side Accents:

A very classy design, these are loved by most of the women. In these rings, one bigger diamond is placed in the centre with all small diamonds surrounding the central one. This gives the ring a royal look, a look that is yearend by every woman.

Engagement wedding rings were found in some 12th century by Pope Innocent III when he used a ring to demarcate the engaged couples from the non-engaged ones. Since then the practice has become widely popular with slight variations of course.

A ring on a woman�s finger is the sign of her acceptance of your love. The ring shows that yes she is ready to marry you. Thus, the engagement wedding rings demand a wise decision as these will be treasured for life.

10 January 2012

If the wedding is indoors does the wedding dress have the match the season

If the wedding is indoors does the wedding dress have the match the season

If the wedding is indoors, does the wedding dress have the match the season?
In short, definitely not. But the colors of the wedding�s theme need to match the season. According to eHow.com, �Select a wedding color or theme. Try to match colors to the season. For example, a fall wedding might have browns, oranges and reds to match the fall colors outside. A spring wedding might have pastel pinks, purples and limes to match the flowers that are blooming outdoors.�
Also, �Use the color for the basis of your bridesmaid dress selection. Many stores, such as David's Bridal, carry several dozen options of dress styles in each available color. Additionally, each color has several varying shades to choose from as well.�
This color coordination also needs to happen with bridesmaids and groomsmen. �Match the color of the bridesmaid dresses to one item on the groomsman's suits. For example, if you choose a purple dress for the bridesmaids, add a purple flower to the groomsman's boutonniere. Or, you could take a bridesmaid's dress with you to the men's store to use it as a basis for the selection of the groomsman's ties or vests. Many stores, such as David's Bridal, carry men's suits and tuxedos as well in colors that complement or match the women's dresses. This option makes matching much easier.�
According to wedding.theknot.com, �The type of bouquet you choose is really a matter of personal preference -- the flowers should complement your wedding style rather than your gown. Brides in opulent ball gowns often opt for a small bunch of calla lilies and brides in silk sheaths sometimes carry cascades of orchids. It all depends on the overall look you're going for, and should reflect your individual style and sensibility. To get a better idea of what your options are, check out our bouquet gallery and browse bridal magazines for a look that catches your eye. Also, take along your planning notebook (including pictures of your gown, your bridesmaids' dresses, invitations, and any other major style elements) to your florist when ordering your flowers; she should be able to help you choose just the right bouquet to go with your dress and your day.�

The website weddings.weddingschannel.com adds, �The key to creating a stylish and successful wedding color combo is understanding the relationship between colors. Pick one general color first -- say, blue -- and then start thinking about shades and tints (aqua, robin's egg, navy) or other colors to accent it with. Make sure the colors you've chosen are harmonious (as in, complement each other on the color wheel), just as you would for the ones in your house. Try to stick to colors of the same intensity, such as lavender and baby blue rather than royal blue with light brown.�

As someone who has attended only one wedding in her life, I can say that none of this matters. Do what you want to do. If you want a red wedding dress on a hot summer day, do it. If your dress is designed for spring and your wedding is in fall season, buy it anyway. It is your special day. And no rules apply to making it more special.